Welcome to the new website


That’s been the consistent response to previews of the new Oakley Chamber of Commerce website, both in private viewings and at our preview dinner on January 29th. We intend to provide this very same “wow!” factor for all of our members and for the many new members that we hope to welcome over the coming year. We’ve worked hard to ensure that our website offers unique and exciting features and opportunities for businesses in Oakley that no other Chamber of Commerce anywhere can provide.

Due to the overwhelming interest and positive feedback we’ve had showing off the site in its development stages we have decided to “go live” with the site a little sooner than planned so everyone can actually have a look while giving the search engines a chance to catch up with all the new pages.

Please note that the site still needs a lot of the content added and edited. For this we will be requesting more information and details from the members in order to complete their member profiles. For some members with established websites and social media links, etc. we have scraped the content together to develop an initial member profile.

Please check your member profile page for accuracy!

If you need to correct any of the information, use our Member Change Request Form. (Can’t figure that out? Email Sallie or Stefan.)

If you don’t see your member profile page, make sure you have paid your 2013 dues! Only paid-up members have profile pages.

If you know of resources that should be added to our resource page, please contact us. This website is continually evolving, so you should check back often to see what’s new. You can sign up to be notified about our upcoming events by email if you want.

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