October 2013 Mixer at Ironhouse Sanitary District

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The October 2013 Oakley Chamber Mixer at Ironhouse Sanitary District started with a facility tour for those who hadn’t seen the fascinating combination of drums, aeration pools, filters, and UV rays that produce industrial grade water from Oakley’s sewers. See this post for more details on ISD’s facility.


Some members had difficulty finding the main entrance to the facility, due to the fact that the official address is on Walnut Meadows Road, where you normally find a closed gate and a sign saying “Enter on Main Street.” To get to Ironhouse, you need to drive East on Main Street and make a left on Oakley Road just after Rose Ave. Next time we hold an event there, we promise to include the map above.

In spite of the fact that some people had to drive around for a while because their GPS or phone insisted on taking them to the back entrance, the event was well-attended. The Ironhouse board was represented by Doug Scheer, Mike Painter, and David Contreras, with Tom Williams playing host. Tom showed off the latest industry award that Ironhouse had received, and also demonstrated that although “flushable” wipes will flush, they don’t break down, so they cause no end of problems in sewer systems and in the wastewater treatment plan.

Roni Gehlke represented the Delta Science Center and promoted the Fish Tales fundraiser, for which David Contreras donated a ticket to be raffled off. (Your Humble Correspondent had a pre-existing commitment and couldn’t make it, which is a pity–I would have enjoyed hearing Chris Lauritzen, Bill Atthowe and Bob Atthowe tell stories about the history of the Delta.)

Erica Rodriguez-Langley came to represent Assemblymember Jim Frazier, who donated a bottle of wine to the raffle. (Susan Morgan was the lucky winner.)

For once Steve Harland of Good Scents Florist did not take home all the raffle prizes; they were fairly evenly distributed among those who bought raffle tickets.

Others present include Larry and Sabrina Jones from Larry Jones Doors, Jimmy and Brenda d’Amico from Black Bear Diner, Helen Raoufian from Travis Credit Union, Diane Lasher from Di’s Impressions, Simeon from Transamerica, Jake Barrit from DMR Reporting, Dr. Kristin Mattingly from Oakley Chiropractic, Darci Bowen from Sutter Delta, Dr. Margaret Stahler from Madrona Naturopathic Healthcare, and Lindy Beasley, representing Delta Living Magazine and new member Get2Work Staffing.

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