Breakfast with the Mayor, Feb 4, 2013

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Two new chamber members, Larry Jones Doors and SDG Architects, joined the February 2013 Mayor Breakfast, as did prospective member Susan Morgan. Topics of discussion ranged from the frustratingly fluid completion dates for the Oakley Plaza construction to the issues involving the Oakley Public Library and the difficulty finding a tenant for the CentrOmart building. We also discussed the interveners filing appeals against PG&E’s Oakley Generating Station and the possible delays they could cause to construction.

Chamber members seemed to be agreed that unique businesses would be more valuable to Oakley than big-box stores, which are increasingly vulnerable to “showrooming”. We speculated about the application of a project like Oakland’s PopUpHood to Oakley.

And finally, we asked Mayor Kevin Romick why his employer, USS Posco, is not a member of the Oakley Chamber of Commerce. USS Posco is located in Pittsburg, but has many employees from Oakley. Of course, we would like to attract manufacturers out here so that Posco could have customers in Oakley, as well.

The biggest attraction of the day was probably Stefan Didak’s home office and the display of map data showing the locations of Oakley’s businesses and home occupation permits. (This data is for internal use: we do not intend to publish people’s home addresses online.)

Breakfast with the Mayor, hosted by Ignyter

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