February 2016 Monthly Mixer at Tech Smart Repair

This month’s mixer was hosted by the great people at Tech Smart Repair on Main Street.
Oakley Chamber of Commerce February 2016 Mixer
We had a great turnout from local businesses, community members and even the Mayor of Oakley himself, Kevin Romick!

Oakley Chamber of Commerce February 2016 Mixer
Thank you to everyone who came out to support the Oakley Chamber and Oakley local businesses, including members from the Brentwood Chamber like Brentwood Chamber President Dan Torres!
Oakley Chamber of Commerce February 2016 Mixer

Hosting an Oakley Chamber of Commerce Mixer is a great way to showcase your business and services to Oakley Chamber members, local dignitaries, invited guests, your clientele and people interested in joining the Chamber. Mixers are open to the public to increase visibility to the wider community. Mixers are an important social link for local area businesses.Oakley Chamber of Commerce February 2016 Mixer
Oakley Chamber of Commerce February 2016 Mixer

For more photos from the event please visit Milestonesfoto.

Oakley Chamber 2015 Holiday Mixer at La Grande Event Center

This month’s mixer was hosted by the great people at The Monthly Grapevine!
Oakley Chamber of Commerce 2015 Holiday Mixer

After enjoying the ambiance of the La Grande Event Center, visitors, Chamber members, local business people and residents were able to enjoy eating together and networking.  Then the raffle began and things got really interesting! It was an extremely popular event, with attendance reaching past the 80 to make it one of the year’s biggest mixers.Oakley Chamber of Commerce 2015 Holiday Mixer

This month’s mixer was also sponsored by the Oakley Chamber Corporate Sponsors Cutino’s Tire Center & Feed Supply, the Oakley Grocery Outlet, the Oakley Press and Ridgewater Real Estate. Oakley Chamber of Commerce 2015 Holiday Mixer Hosting an Oakley Chamber of Commerce Mixer is a great way to showcase your business and services to Oakley Chamber members, local dignitaries, invited guests, your clientele and people interested in joining the Chamber. Mixers are open to the public to increase visibility to the wider community. Mixers are an important social link for local area businesses.Oakley Chamber of Commerce 2015 Holiday Mixer


Come join us for PaintNite at La Grande Wedding and Event Center.  Get your tickets while they last  https://www.paintnite.com/pages/events/view/alameda/897035

January Mixer at Black Bear Diner

Thank you to the most gracious hosts Jim and Brenda D’Amico.  We had a wonderful time at Black Bear Diner in Oakley last mixer.

New Corporate Sponsors for 2015

The Oakley Chamber of Commerce is excited to announce three new Corporate Sponsors for 2015:  Cutino’s Tire and Feed, Ridgewater Realty and The Press. We’d like to thank you for helping to keep the Oakley Chamber of Commerce functioning for 2015!

If you are interested in being a Corporate Sponsor, please contact Wendy at the Chamber office at 925-625-1035 or email [email protected]

Corporate Sponsorships are $2000 and can be split into monthly payments.

Your sponsorship includes:

  • One year membership to the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Free booth at our community events to showcase your business.
  • Your logo will be on the Home page of the Chamber’s website showing you as an Oakley Chamber Corporate Sponsor.
  • You will be included on the corporate sponsor page on our website that will showcase your business.
  • Your logo will be placed on a banner that will show you as an Oakley Chamber Corporate Sponsor. This banner will be displayed at all Chamber functions including monthly mixers, quarterly luncheons and community events, etc.
  • Your logo will be placed on our quarterly newsletter showing you are an Oakley Chamber Corporate Sponsor.
  • Your logo will be featured on our monthly advertisement in the Oakley Press as an Oakley Chamber Corporate Sponsor.

December Holiday Mixer

Our December Holiday Mixer was hosted by Oakley Chiropractic and Scheer Security. The food was catered by our newest Chamber member, Sticky Chicken and Ribs. Our donation bin was overflowing with toys and food donations for the Friends of Oakley. We would like to thank everyone who came to the mixer and donated raffle prizes, toys or food. The next mixer will be Thursday January 8th from 6:00pm – 7:30pm at Black Bear Diner. Hope to see you there!

Breakfast with the Mayor at Travis Credit Union

Eric Maldonado, Helen Raoufian, Bonni Bergstrom, and Nasly Beltrago of Travis Credit Union welcomed Oakley mayor Kevin Romick to their Slatten Ranch location on November 4th, 2013. Also in attendance were Larry Jones of Larry Jones Garage Doors, Jake Barritt of DMR Reporting, Doug Scheer of Scheer Security, Dr. Margaret Stahler of Madrona Naturopathic Healthcare, Roger Strauss of SDG Architects, and Oakley Chamber president Sallie Goetsch of WP Fangirl. The weekend’s transition away from Daylight Saving Time meant there was plenty of sunlight even at 7 a.m.

About Credit Unions

For those who are not familiar with credit unions, they are non-profit membership organizations. Some are restricted to residents of a certain area or employees of a certain company. There is a cooperative of credit unions that share ATMs: if you belong to a credit union, check here to find all the ATMs you can use without paying a fee. Visit the Don’t Tax My Credit Union website for more information about a proposed tax increase on credit unions and how it would affect members.

What It Means to Be Mayor

Travis has branches in many cities, some of which, like Brentwood, elect their mayors directly. Oakley’s mayorship rotates every year, with the previous year’s vice mayor becoming mayor. The city council chooses the mayor and vice mayor from its members. (There are 5 city council seats in Oakley.) Although the rotation makes it difficult for any mayor to see long-term projects through from start to finish, it also reduces the possible damage that a bad mayor can do, and the requirement to serve as a councilmember before becoming vice mayor, and as vice mayor before becoming mayor, guarantees that the mayor will be familiar with the workings of the city government.

Plastic Bag Bans

Oakley recently tabled a proposed plastic bag ban, but many other cities in East Contra Costa County have adopted them, as have Alameda County cities and San Francisco. Although everyone agrees that plastic bags contribute to a litter problem (and are particularly easily blown around in Oakley’s perpetual winds), not everyone agrees that banning them at the point of sale is the best way to deal with the issue–particularly if fast food restaurants are exempt from the ban. Reporting requirements in some of the bans are onerous for businesses that don’t have a point of sale and never provided bags. Grocery chains and plastic bag manufacturers both benefit from these bans; whether they actually reduce litter and benefit the environment seems a bit harder to establish. And as long as the disposal companies want your garbage in plastic bags, plastic will still go into landfills.

Apartment Smoking Ban

The Oakley City Council is working to create an ordinance about smoking in multi-unit apartment buildings that is both fair and comprehensive. Right now they are collecting input from several sources.

Oakley Plaza

Chamber member and long-time Oakley business Hook, Line, and Sinker is closing, which their friends and supporters think is a shame. There was some speculation that Ace Hardware, the new owner of the building in which Hook, Line, and Sinker is located, is itself a direct competitor, since many Ace Hardware stores sell both fishing and hunting equipment. It seems fairly certain that Ace will raise the rent for any remaining or new tenants in the building, at least once they have finished their renovations. Hook, Line, and Sinker owners Gene and Michelle Buchholz cite their relations with the City of Oakley as the primary reason for closing. It’s also possible they want to devote more attention to their daughter’s restaurant, Oakley Chamber member Providence Bar & Eatery.

Newcomer (and Oakley Chamber member) Carpaccio does a very slow lunch business during the week, according to Mayor Romick, but makes up for it evenings and weekends.

La Costa has doubled its business since expanding its restaurant and starting to accept credit and debit cards.

Republic of Cake is busy making renovations to its new location next to Carpaccio, and hopes to open in time for Thanksgiving.

DG Market has not yet decided whether to demolish the old CentrOmart building and start over, or renovate the existing building. The Halloween Outlet was very successful in that location, but will leave by the end of November. The new store will be similar to CentrOmart in terms of the goods it carries and similar to Carpaccio and La Costa in its architecture.

The City Council is auditing the Oakley Plaza and Main Street construction projects to find out why they took so long and how to prevent similar delays with future projects.

Low-Income Housing

In compliance with ABAG (the Association of Bay Area Governments), Oakley has to zone for 600 units of low-income housing. Cities that don’t comply with this requirement can’t get their general plan approved; without a general plan, it’s not possible to do any kind of development at all. Nor is it possible to specify that the housing be senior housing or have other restrictions on it. In addition, One Bay Area has a goal to put 80% all housing within walking distance of public transport. This is a reasonable goal in cities; in rural areas like Oakley, not so much. Some cities, like Pleasant Hill, are actually building apartments on top of BART stations. Oakland and San Francisco will probably have to use eminent domain to meet their low-income housing requirements, replacing older shopping areas with apartment blocks.

Despite the fact that police calls to Carol Lane are more frequent than in some other parts of Oakley, Oakley’s overall crime rate has remained flat since the construction of The Oaks, and lower than that of Brentwood.

And Speaking of Transit

The Fourth Bore of the Caldecott Tunnel is scheduled to open on November 18th. This will be a relief to anyone who has to commute via that route, though it will make the most difference to those driving opposite to commute traffic. Highway 4 widening between Somersville and Loveridge should be finished by December 2013; new lanes are already opening up. Ribbon-cutting ceremonies are planned for both locations, but details are not yet available from the Contra Costa Transportation Authority.

There isn’t much parking available in the neighborhoods where the new e-BART stops are going in, so CCTA is planning several new park-and-ride locations.

One advantage of reclaiming Oakley’s Main Street from CalTrans is the ability to control signage and traffic signals. It took the City of Oakley 5 years to get a traffic light at the corner of O’Hara and Main Streets, and another 5 years to get the signal at Live Oak and Main installed. Signage for the 160 exit from Highway 4 remains a challenge.

Groundbreaking for the connection between 160 and eastbound Highway 4 (the Bypass) is scheduled for the first quarter of 2014.

Other Development

Construction of PG&E’s Oakley Generating Station has been delayed yet again.

October 2013 Mixer at Ironhouse Sanitary District

The October 2013 Oakley Chamber Mixer at Ironhouse Sanitary District started with a facility tour for those who hadn’t seen the fascinating combination of drums, aeration pools, filters, and UV rays that produce industrial grade water from Oakley’s sewers. See this post for more details on ISD’s facility.


Some members had difficulty finding the main entrance to the facility, due to the fact that the official address is on Walnut Meadows Road, where you normally find a closed gate and a sign saying “Enter on Main Street.” To get to Ironhouse, you need to drive East on Main Street and make a left on Oakley Road just after Rose Ave. Next time we hold an event there, we promise to include the map above.

In spite of the fact that some people had to drive around for a while because their GPS or phone insisted on taking them to the back entrance, the event was well-attended. The Ironhouse board was represented by Doug Scheer, Mike Painter, and David Contreras, with Tom Williams playing host. Tom showed off the latest industry award that Ironhouse had received, and also demonstrated that although “flushable” wipes will flush, they don’t break down, so they cause no end of problems in sewer systems and in the wastewater treatment plan.

Roni Gehlke represented the Delta Science Center and promoted the Fish Tales fundraiser, for which David Contreras donated a ticket to be raffled off. (Your Humble Correspondent had a pre-existing commitment and couldn’t make it, which is a pity–I would have enjoyed hearing Chris Lauritzen, Bill Atthowe and Bob Atthowe tell stories about the history of the Delta.)

Erica Rodriguez-Langley came to represent Assemblymember Jim Frazier, who donated a bottle of wine to the raffle. (Susan Morgan was the lucky winner.)

For once Steve Harland of Good Scents Florist did not take home all the raffle prizes; they were fairly evenly distributed among those who bought raffle tickets.

Others present include Larry and Sabrina Jones from Larry Jones Doors, Jimmy and Brenda d’Amico from Black Bear Diner, Helen Raoufian from Travis Credit Union, Diane Lasher from Di’s Impressions, Simeon from Transamerica, Jake Barrit from DMR Reporting, Dr. Kristin Mattingly from Oakley Chiropractic, Darci Bowen from Sutter Delta, Dr. Margaret Stahler from Madrona Naturopathic Healthcare, and Lindy Beasley, representing Delta Living Magazine and new member Get2Work Staffing.

Breakfast with the Mayor at Land Home Financial


Debbi Galvan and Margaret Smethers of Land Home Financial Services played host to the October 2013 Breakfast with the Mayor. Land Home is located in Brentwood, but many of the properties they finance are in Oakley, which is also where Margaret lives. (Due to the problematic jobs-housing ratio in Oakley, most Oakley residents do not work inside city limits.)

Also in attendance were Helen Raoufian from Travis Credit Union (November 2013’s mayor breakfast host), Oakley Chamber office manager Lynn Stahli, Roger Strauss of SDG Architects, Tom Williams from Ironhouse Sanitary District (host of the October 2013 Oakley Chamber Mixer), and Shirley Darling and Sallie Goetsch from the Oakley Chamber board.

As always, the Oakley Chamber provided breakfast (egg casserole with sausage, and donuts) and the mayor’s Diet Pepsi, while Land Home provided coffee and orange juice.

Oakley mayor (and blogger) Kevin Romick provided attendees with an update on what’s going on in the City of Oakley. Note that as most cities get little or no federal funding, the government shutdown in Washington has not affected the City’s operations.

City Engineer Steps Down

Jason Vogan, the city engineer and public works director–and the longest-serving City employee–is moving to a private sector job. The City is advertising for a new engineer, possibly a contract rather than an employee position. To be considered as Jason’s replacement, you must submit a compelling cover letter and a comprehensive resume that includes salary history. Interested candidates should apply via email to hr@ci.oakley.ca.us. The final filing date for this position is by 2:00pm on October 31, 2013.

Door-to-door Sales Permits

Though not many people are aware of it, the City of Oakley requires all door-to-door salespeople to obtain a permit from City Hall. Permits include photos and are valid only for a set period of time. The next time one of those maddening Kirby salespeople comes to your door, ask to see a permit. If you post a “no soliciting” sign on your door, you can call Code Enforcement (925-625-7000)  to report door-to-door salespeople, with or without permits.

There are exceptions to the permit requirement. Government agents, real estate agents, delivery people, political campaigners, fundraisers for charities, and those delivering informational (non-marketing) literature are still allowed to knock on your door–though a political candidate who ignores a “no soliciting” sign is not likely to garner that household’s votes.

Ferries and Freeways

The proposed State Route 239 from Brentwood to Tracy (called TriLink because it connects three counties) is still in the initial study phase, which is expected to last until 2015. The project is estimated to cost $75 million.

Meanwhile, the City of Antioch was late to the party in petitioning the Water Emergency Transport Association (WETA) for a ferry to help with emergency evacuation. Although Antioch has the best deep-water harbor available of the possible locations for such a ferry, fog can make it difficult to move a ferry all the way to or from the San Francisco Bay. You can read more about the proposed Antioch/Pittsburg/Martinez ferry route on the WETA website.

Downtown Oakley Construction

The fountain of controversy is now operational–most of the time. It’s shut off after 10 PM at night, and it shuts off automatically in high winds, to avoid drenching the people sitting outdoors at La Costa. City employees have to check the chemical balance and clean the filters each day. In order to make the fountain safe for children to play in, and to help with mosquito abatement (since the water is still at night), the water is chlorinated. You can splash in the fountain, but don’t drink from it.

Republic of Cake is busy making modifications to its new location next to Carpaccio, and plans to open by Thanksgiving. In addition to the gourmet cupcakes you can already find at their Orinda location, they will be selling “‘Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches’ made with our very own Cookies on either side of Clover Stornetta Organic Ice Cream.”

Ace Hardware is moving ahead with its plans for the building at the back of Oakley Plaza. Meanwhile, the Halloween Outlet is doing great business in the old CentrOmart building, but will vacate at the end of November to allow DG Market to begin construction.

Oakley Generating Station

The Oakley Generating Station, which will bring $3 million into the City of Oakley’s general fund annually, is in the midst of the last of several lawsuits attempting to block its construction. The suit should be concluded by the end of November.

Be Fruitful and Multiply

Oakley residents are doing their best to help increase the population to meet the target number of 50,000 desired by large retailers: there are more children under 18 per capita in Oakley than in any other city in the Bay Area.

Housing and Real Estate

All houses on the north side of Cypress Road are in a flood zone, which means they require levees and pumps, and the sewer pipes require special construction. That, in turn, leads to fees levied on the properties, increasing the house prices. Although paid via the property tax bill, these fees are not taxes in the strict sense: they cover a service and are only levied for a certain number of years. (Taxes are forever.) Houses in this development can be difficult to sell because of the fees, which is a challenge for Land Home and the realtors they work with.

EC2 Collaborative

EC2 The Collaborative will be holding another summit about attracting industry to the Wilbur Corridor, this time in conjunction with the Northern Waterfront Development Initiative, which aims to develop the waterfront from Hercules to Oakley. EC2 is an effort by the Cities, County, Chambers and Special Districts in East Contra Costa. It’s vision is “to create a shared identity among East Contra Costa communities that aligns regional priorities that support economic vitality and a high quality of life.” This year’s summit will be at Prewett Family Park and Center in Antioch from 8:30 a.m.-2 p.m. on November 6th. (When we have more details, we’ll post them here on the Oakley Chamber site.) You can read about last September’s summit here.

Get Down to Business Oakley Conference

Hosted by:

Get Down to Business Oakley October 3, 2013

The Oakley Chamber of Commerce and the City of Oakley hosted the first “Get Down to Business Oakley” conference on October 3rd, 2013 in the City Council Chambers and the banquet room of the Black Bear Diner. Attendance was modest, but all the presenters did a great job, and everyone there learned a lot and made new connections.

If you attended and have suggestions for next year’s conference, please contact the Oakley Chamber.

Special thanks to our generous sponsors, Les SchwabOakley Disposal and Travis Credit Union, and to Charleen Earley of Delta Living Magazine for the use of her projector and screen.

Conference Session Topics

Conference sessions ran concurrently, one presenter in the City Council Chambers and one in the Black Bear Diner banquet room.

Session 1

Panel: What I Wish I’d Known before Starting My Business

Local business owners Laura Cunha of Stonecrest Lending, Melissa Mitchell of Mey’s Marvels, and attorney Silky Sahnan pass on the things they wish someone had told them about starting and running a business.

Building Equity in Your Business (Ken Graunstadt)

The secret to profitability and sustainability (not to mention an exit strategy that leaves you ahead) is building equity in your business. One of Oakley’s most successful business owners shows you how.

Session 2

Licenses, Permits, and Zoning, Oh My (Joshua McMurray)

Find out what documents new business owners need to file with the city, the county, the state, and the federal government—and what you can and can’t do with a business in Oakley.

Business Insurance (Mark Murray)

State Farm agent Mark Murray explains the kinds of coverage different business owners need, from General Liability to Errors and Omissions to Worker’s Compensation.

Session 3

Choosing a Business Entity (Susan Morgan)

Sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, or LLC—which form should your business take? Susan Morgan explains the trade-offs between protecting your assets and minimizing complexity.

Financing Your Business (Titi Ikhile)

Titi Ikhile of the Contra Costa SBDC explains sources of funding and financing available to small businesses, from traditional bank loans to crowdfunding efforts like Kickstarter.

Session 4

Small Business Tax Strategies (Margorie Baker)

Establishing a business means new tax liabilities—and deductions, too. Margorie Baker of Tax Specialty Services walks you through the maze of EINs, self-employment tax, payroll tax, and corporate taxes.

Panel: Face-to-face Networking in the Digital Age

Representatives of BNIDelta Networking PartnersDelta Divas, and the Oakley Chamber of Commerce explain how joining in-person networking and referral groups can benefit your business and bring in clients.

Session 5

Roundtable: Advertising and Marketing for the 21st Century

Greg Robinson and Michele Chatburn from the Oakley Press and Robbie Simmonds from the East County Times facilitate a group discussion about available advertising and marketing options and what’s working for local business owners.

Get Smart about Social Media, SEO, and Snake Oil Salesmen (Sallie Goetsch)

Confused by all those phone calls you get promising to put your business on the front page of Google? Baffled by the profusion of social networks? Find out how to avoid the scams and make the best use of your online time.

About the Presenters

Margorie Baker

Margorie L. Baker is a local tax preparer at Tax Specialty Service in Oakley. She is the only lifetime member of the Oakley Chamber of Commerce.

Michele Chatburn

Michele Chatburn is social media manager for the Brentwood Press and Publishing Corporation. She has created an effective approach to building an online presence that incorporates SEO, social media and branding strategies for many small business owners who had no idea how to move from traditional marketing to online marketing.

Laura Cunha

Laura Cunha is a longtime local resident.  She opened Stonecrest Lending in 2008 after numerous years of processing and compliance in the mortgage industry. Laura prides herself and staff on honesty and integrity every step of the way to  make home buying a comfortable and wise decision.

Melissa Donald

Melissa Donald has been involved in BNI as a member for 8 years, a Director Consultant  for 6 years and an Area Director Consultant for 2 years.  Thanks to BNI, Melissa has been able to grow her business, LDI Growth Partners, into a successful company that does business only by personal referral.

Deb Dutcher

Deb Dutcher, the co-founder of Delta Divas Networking, is the owner and principal consultant for Energy Unlimited, a nutrition consulting practice based in Brentwood.  Deb has spent the past twelve years helping people “Be Lean and Strong at Any Age”.  At 61, she embodies energy and vitality and shows us it is possible to have optimal health no matter our age.

Cecelia Fritzler

As the Economic Development Coordinator for the City of Oakley, Cecelia combines her passion for public service and business.  In addition to serving as the City Liaison for the Oakley Chamber of Commerce, Cecelia is a member of the East Bay Economic Development Alliance, California Association for Local Economic Development, Workforce Development Board, and is a board member for the Municipal Management Association of Northern California.

Sallie Goetsch

Sallie Goetsch (rhymes with ‘sketch’) has been online since 1985 and is an early adopter of social media. Her company, WP Fangirl, builds WordPress websites for small businesses and non-profit organizations. Sallie is organizer of the East Bay WordPress Meetup and the 2013 president of the Oakley Chamber of Commerce.

Ken Graunstadt

Ken Graunstadt is owner of Graunstadt Enterprises, which includes G.E. Sales & Rental and Delta Scrap & Salvage.  He has been in business for 44 years and helped start numerous businesses. Ken has been involved with teaching “Starting & Growing with Business” and has supported the Oakley Community for many years.

Titi Ikhile

Titi Ikhile has been working in the small business lending and coaching field for almost 10 years.   In addition to her role as a SBDC (Small Business Development Center) advisor, she is also the Principal at 4Sight Consulting. Her education background includes Finance & Entrepreneurship degree from USC and a Masters Certificate in Business Analysis from Villanova University.

Joshua McMurray

Josh became a member of the City of Oakley in September of 2008. He has worked on the Downtown Redevelopment Project, the City Gateway and Directional Signage Program, the Residential and Commercial/Industrial Citywide Rezone Project, the City Sign Ordinance, and 2007-2014 General Plan Housing Element update.  Josh is also the City’s Housing expert, and the City’s AB 939 Program Manager, dealing with solid waste and recycling programs.

Melissa Mitchell

Melissa Mitchell owns Mey’s Marvels, which is a homemade custom decorated cookie business. She started baking a few years ago for family and friends, and decided to turn her hobby into a business. Check out her work at facebook.com/MeysMarvels.

Susan Morgan

Susan Morgan is both an entrepreneur and a business attorney.  She successfully founded and ran a software company, then worked as a corporate and securities attorney at a large Silicon Valley law firm, and currently runs her own solo-practice law firm, Morgan Legal Services, focusing on business services for entrepreneurs and early-stage private companies.

Mark Murray

State Farm agent Mark Murray is a long-time East County resident who has served Oakley for more than 10 years. His practice focuses on retirement planning and small businesses. Mark is current president of the Delta Dawgs baseball club and a past president of the Dolphin Swim Club in Brentwood. His company’s mission is  to help people manage the risks of everyday life, recover from the unexpected and realize their dreams.

Greg Robinson

Greg Robinson has 21+ years of professional sales, marketing and management experience at the executive level. He has been in the newspaper business for the past 14 years where he manages the weekly sales, production and distribution of The Brentwood, Antioch, Oakley and Discovery Bay Press newspapers as well as numerous other publications.

Silky Sahnan

Silky Sahnan is a Family Law attorney assisting clients with divorce, child custody, child support, spousal support, and domestic violence matters. Ms. Sahnan is a courtroom litigator and a mediator. The Law Offices of Silky Sahnan are located in Brentwood and can be reached at 925-276-0789.

Robbie Simmonds

Robbie Simmonds has spent more than 35 years in the newspaper business. As the East County Times Multi Media Representative in the East County Market, she works with local businesses to align their advertising message with print, digital and social media.

Ken Strelo

Ken Strelo became a member of the City of Oakley in August of 2006. He started his career in planning in 1998. For Oakley, Ken has been involved in the River Oaks Crossing Specific Plan, Downtown Specific Plan, East Cypress Corridor Specific Plan, Diamond Hills Sports Club, and implementation of AB 32 and SB 375 in relation to Greenhouse Gas inventories. One of Ken’s current advanced planning projects is Oakley’s Agricultural Conservation and Viticulture Program.

Daniel Torres

Dan Torres is an agent with New York Life Insurance Company, a registered representative with NYLIFE Securities LLC, and helps his clients plan life insurance, investments, and retirement. Now in his fifth year in practice, Dan was recently appointed to the 2013 New York Life Executive Council. He is representing Delta Networking Partners.