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I always want to be in The Monthly Grapevine. The Monthly Grapevine is my #1 source of advertising. I am so grateful I met Jim, Karen, and Sonya 13 years ago. Your customer service, professionalism, guidance and knowledge in advertising have made my company dream a reality. It’s nice to hear from people around town that they saw us in the Grapevine. From your #1 fan.

Mark Sargent – Owner of Bright Ideas Design Center

About The Monthly Grapevine

Since 1994, The Monthly Grapevine (TMG) has been the local advertising resource for both business owners and residents. Delivered in the mail to 65,164 homes every month, advertisers can count on The Monthly Grapevine to reach customers directly and effectively.

From it’s inception, The Monthly Grapevine has provided the area with the best direct mail advertising publication and earned its reputation as the first and best local place to advertise a business.

With the electronic version of The Monthly Grapevine, you now have online access to all the great products and services throughout East Contra Costa County with the click of your mouse.

We provide local businesses two upscale advertising publications monthly, the Antioch issue and the Delta issue. Combined, both issues are direct mailed to over 64,170 homes and businesses.

The Monthly Grapevine is an extremely cost effective advertising solution that can provide your business with the best local advertising exposure available. Before you make a final decision as to where to spend your all-important advertising dollars, there are several factors to be carefully taken into account:

  • Print distribution numbers – Distribution is the actual number of the media printed and delivered.
  • Delivery Method – The logistics and costs of the delivery system chosen will be key in arriving at an accurate estimate.
  • Any undisclosed or hidden costs – (such as pre-planning and design costs).`
  • Readership – the term used by publishers to estimate how many people will read each publication.

Note: Many publishers multiply the printed piece by 2 – 4 times (based on occupants per home) to arrive at a readership number. For example, a publisher may print 15,000 magazines and multiply that number by 3 occupants per household to arrive at a readership of 45,000. Since this number is difficult to prove, The Monthly Grapevine prefers to use the distribution number when comparing market costs. Readership numbers are included for comparison reasons only.