History of Oakley

Oakley Dry Goods Store

Oakley Dry Goods Store

The growing community of Oakley traces its roots to 1897, when the town’s first land owner, R. C. Marsh, came to the area and settled on what was thought to be infertile land.

On September 7, 1898, Marsh was named the town’s first postmaster and Oakley became a town.

Nicknamed “Sand Lappers” by critics who said they’d never be able to grow crops in the sandy soil created by the nearby Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, the early settlers proved otherwise by turning Oakley into a cornucopia of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Oakley has seen many changes in the past  century. At one time, one of the hot spots in town was the Oakley Hotel. Built in 1903, this landmark burned down in 1924, during a fire that destroyed half the town. Just 15 years later, another fire burned down the other side of the street.

Farming was a big part of Oakley’s heritage. At one point in the 1950’s, Oakley was one of the leading almond producing areas in California.

Below are some photos right out of the history of “old time” Oakley!