Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does my business need to be in Oakley in order to join the Chamber?

This is probably the question people ask most often. No, your business does not have to be located in Oakley or have an Oakley business license in order to belong to the Oakley Chamber of Commerce. If you have customers from Oakley or Oakley is part of your service area, that’s good enough. In fact, if you want customers from Oakley but don’t have any yet, that’s good enough.

Note that some businesses (e.g. general contractors) do need Oakley business licenses even when they are not based in the City of Oakley. Check with the city if you are not sure whether yours is one of them. The Oakley Chamber doesn’t police business licenses, but we don’t want you to run afoul of any regulations.

How much does it cost to join?

Oakley Chamber of Commerce Membership Fee Table

Annual membership fees are based on the number of employees your business has. (The owner is counted as an employee in the case of a sole proprietorship.) There are reduced rates for non-profits with no paid employees and for government bodies (city, county, state, or federal government offices). Members of the community who are not business owners (or who are planning to start a business but have not yet done so) can join as associate members at a reduced rate.

The registration form will calculate your fees automatically, including pro-rating fees for new members who join after January.

Is the Chamber of Commerce part of the city government?

No. The Oakley Chamber of Commerce is an independent 501(c)6 non-profit organization. We cooperate with the City of Oakley but are not part of it.

How do I submit information and changes for my member profile page?

Once you have joined the Chamber, you can submit changes through the Member Change Request Form.

Do I have to pay the administrative fee if I rejoin after a lapse in membership?

No, as long as we still have your information on file.

I have a home-based business. Can I still host a mixer or a mayor breakfast?

Yes, absolutely. If you don’t want to host the event at your home, you can use the Oakley Chamber office or the Black Bear Diner banquet room. Call the Chamber office at (925) 625-1035 to find out what dates are available.

What happened to the Almond Fest?

The carnival vendor backed out of the Almond Fest at the last minute in 2011, taking away the major attraction (rides). The Chamber and the City of Oakley’s Recreation Division are discussing possible replacement events. There will be a downtown event on Main Street in 2013 with a water and wine theme (look for the Chamber in the beer and wine booth). If you have ideas for a new event that can simultaneously provide entertainment to the people of Oakley and raise funds for the Oakley Chamber, please contact us.

How did the Oakley Chamber of Commerce pay for this fancy new website?

The website was donated by Chamber member WP Fangirl (Sallie Goetsch) and her husband, Stefan Didak (Ignyter).

How much do members of the Board of Directors get paid?

Although the Oakley Chamber’s bylaws permit remuneration for Chamber Directors, the current board members receive no salary or stipends. In fact, they contribute more money than ordinary members, because the directors are obligated to attend all Chamber events, and pay for those that require tickets.