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Chamber Scholarship Awarded to Emily Ng and Kevin Rivera

The following is the full text of the speech from the presentation of the Oakley Chamber Scholarship award on May 23rd at Freedom High School.

Every year, the Oakley Chamber of Commerce offers a $500 Scholarship to a Freedom High School graduating senior. All applicants are asked to submit a transcript of their grades, 3 letters of recommendation, one of which had to come from a principal or counselor at Freedom High School, and an 800-1000 word essay on the topic, “Oakley’s History”.

This year we had two applicants who were very evenly matched. Both had precisely the same total GPA. Both had very strong letters of recommendation. One had a just slightly better essay, while the other performed just slightly better during the interview.

Because there was no clear choice between these candidates, the Chamber Board of Directors decided after careful consideration to divide the Oakley Chamber of Commerce $500 Scholarship between Emily Ng and Kevin Rivera, and award $250 to each student.

In addition to her many AP courses and the National Honor Society, Emily Ng sings with Freedom’s Select Singers and also with her church choir, Power and Light. She will be taking up a place at Biola University in the fall.

Kevin Rivera not only plays varsity soccer but coaches his younger brother’s team and volunteers at Laurel Elementary School. Like Emily, he is part of the California Scholarship Federation. Kevin plans to study business administration and accounting at California State University, Sacramento.

The Oakley Chamber of Commerce offers its congratulations not only to Emily and to Kevin, but also to their parents, Lisa and Berster Ng and Ismael and Maria Rivera, for bringing up such capable young people. We wish you all the best in your continued education and hope this scholarship award reminds you how much the Oakley Chamber of Commerce appreciates you.